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About NW3 Dog Walker

NW3 Dog Walker was set up by Cecily - a self-proclaimed country girl living in the city who loves dogs! She set the business up through the realisation that there’s thousands of people in Hampstead who love dogs - but aren’t always able to walk their dogs in Hampstead themselves. This is where NW3 Dog Walker can help - with dog walking in Hampstead!


The ethos at NW3 Dog Walker is ‘letting dogs be dogs’, which means giving regular interaction between other dogs and humans. This is why their main service is group dog walking in Hampstead (at an area leading price), where only sociable, calm, non-aggressive dogs are allowed. It’s great that this is mentioned, as one of the things I’d worry about is whether or not my dog is going to be walked in a group which might contain an aggressive dog. If your dog is not able to be walked with other dogs, don’t worry - there’s also a private walking service offered.

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NW3 Dog Walker Reviews

It’s not clear if Cecily has a team of other dog walkers (no others are mentioned), and only Cecily is mentioned in reviews. However, the reviews for NW3 Dog Walker are excellent - scoring a perfect 5.0 in Google Reviews*.


NW3 Dog Walker - Prices


Dog walking

£13 / group walk (60 mins)
£30 / private walk (60 mins) 

Doggy daycare


Dog boarding


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