About Happywoof

Happywoof is a family run service specialising in doggy daycare and dog boarding for small breeds in Hampstead and the surrounding North West London area. They pride themselves on providing one-to-one care and attention with your dog, and only allow a limited number of dogs on any one day. This is refreshing to see, as they put quality of service before chasing every enquiry for dog boarding or doggy daycare in Hampstead!

They’re the only service I’ve seen that specialise in small breeds (with no aggressive dogs allowed), and it’s comforting to know that your dog won’t ever come as a shock to them. This means your Hampstead dog is going to be well looked after, which is the peace of mind that everyone wants. They also send pictures of your dog, and ‘pupdates’, to your mobile - you can never have too many pictures of your beautiful dog, can you!


Happywoof are fully insured, and council vetted - with certifications in animal training & pet sitting, as well as dog behaviour & training. I’m not sure on the names of the two ladies who run Happywoof - it would be great if they detailed this on the website so you know the name of the person you’re emailing.

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Happywoof reviews

Their prices are more expensive than some other Hampstead doggy daycare and Hampstead dog boarding services, but perhaps that’s to be expected when they specialise in both - with dog walking as an extra, additional service available. It appears that you pay for what you get, as their reviews are a perfect 5.0 on Google*.


Happywoof - Prices

Dog walking

£16 / walk (60 mins)

Doggy daycare

£35 / day

Dog boarding

£45 / night

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