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Whilst the Hampstead area isn't home to a lot of veterinary practices, the vets that are located in Hampstead and Highgate are excellent. There's vets to suit all needs: from a 24 hour service to one that's open on Christmas Day, Hampstead is home to vets to care for your dog at all hours.

Located in Highgate, Village Vet provides high-quality for your pet dog, as well as a comfortable experience for all who visit. There’s the possibility to get a pet passport here too, so if you’re considering moving away from Hampstead and England with your dog, you can ensure they’re able to travel with the service here. Importantly, they also offer a 24 hour call service - so if you ever have a problem with your dog in Highgate or neighbouring areas, you can get a response from them.

An independent vet in West Hampstead, Mill Lane Vet is one of North London’s most well-known and respected veterinary practices - having run for over 20 years. In fact, it’s run so well that they’ve recently opened a second brand in Highgate, so whether you walk your dog around Hampstead or the surrounding areas, you’ll be sure to have a Mill Lane Vet nearby.

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One of the more experienced vets around Hampstead, Village Vet is even known outside of London - as it’s been running for over 80 years. It’s an important one to note, as if you ever have an emergency with your pet dog, you can always visit them, as they’re open all day, every day, even on Christmas Day!

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The closest vet to Hampstead Heath, Zasman Vet Hampstead is opposite Hampstead Heath overground, located on the southwestern side of the heath. The practice doesn’t charge for everything, which is most welcome - as you are able to book a free appointment for advice about your dog, before deciding whether you need one of their world-class services.

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