Areas to walk your dog in Hampstead

Looking for somewhere to eat in Hampstead where you can take your dog too? Around Hampstead Heath, there's plenty of pubs you can drop in to after a long dog walk! We've compiled a list of the best dog friendly pubs in the Hampstead area below - you and your dog can thank us later!

Hampstead Heath

Park description


Located in the North West of London, in the Borough of Camden, Hampstead is known for its music and literary scene. Often referred to as Hampstead Village, the area is host to some of the most stunning (and expensive) houses in London, as well as one of the capital’s most famous parks - Hampstead Heath - which is a haven for dog walking.


Hampstead Heath is a beautiful park to walk your dog in, with 320 acres of grass, hills, woods  and ponds in a peaceful setting. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were outside of London here, as the walks whisk you away from city life. There’s even a pond specifically for dogs, on the east side of Hampstead Heath - with the spot getting particularly busy at weekends! Kenwood House is the stand out monument, but there’s another 54 historical sites to explore across the heath’s vast expanse.


Parliament Hill, the summit of Hampstead Heath, offers spectacular views over north & central London. The hill, sometimes known as ‘kite hill’ due to its popularity on windy days with kite flyers, is always full of tired dogs and walkers alike. However, given the views, it’s worth trekking across Hampstead Heath to climb the hill with your dog.

Dog walking rules

Dog walkers are welcome on Hampstead Heath, provided they are responsible. All visitors are asked to consider other people when visiting the heath with their dogs to walk them. Indeed, it would not be fair on other dog walkers if the rules were not properly respected. 


The basic guidelines for Hampstead Heath are as follows:


  • Clean up after your dog

  • Keep your dog under control 

  • Obey Hampstead Heath notices and signs

  • Be considerate of people - and be aware that not everyone likes dogs

Nearest tube stations

The nearest train stations to Hampstead Heath are:

  • Golders Green (Northern Line)

  • Hampstead (Northern Line)

  • Kentish Town (Northern Line)

  • Hampstead Heath (London Overground)

  • Gospel Oak (London Overground)

Waterlow Park

Park description

A 26 acre park near Highgate, North London, Waterlow Park was gifted to Londoners by Sir Sidney Waterlow as a ‘garden for the gardenless’ in 1889 - and is now a garden for dog walkers in Highgate!


A bronze statue of Sir Sidney Waterlow serves as a timely reminder to park visitors of his generosity. Three ponds are located in the park, although none are comparable in size to the ponds in Hampstead Heath, and none have dogs regularly dipping in and out.

Dog walking rules

In Waterlow Park, it’s important to take care of your dog and obey the rules. In particular, dog fouling must be cleaned up - otherwise you may face a fine. Remember to also keep your dog under control in Waterlow Park, as some park visitors might be intimidated by dogs.

Nearest tube stations

The nearest train stations to Waterlow Park are:

Highgate Wood

Park description


Only a short walk away from Hampstead Heath, the beautiful woodland of Highgate Wood stretches across 28 acres. Slightly quieter than the nearby heath, and one of the best spots in London for wildlife, Highgate Wood is host to a whole range of different species: from bats to blue tits, as well as poodles to labradors! 


Beautiful bluebells line the forest trails, some of which will lead you to the various facilities located in the woodland (including a cafe, children’s playground & information centre). Most importantly though, there’s lots of wide open space for playing games with your dog! Given the picturesque background, you might also want to take some snaps!

Dog walking rules

Highgate Wood should be respected by dog walkers and visitors alike. A beautiful, unspoiled wood, it would be a shame for anyone to disrespect it for another! As such, there are signs reminding you to pick up your dog foul. Helpfully, there are bins located throughout the wood for easy disposal.

Nearest train stations

The nearest train stations to Highgate Wood are:

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