Dog Friendly Pubs in Hampstead

Looking for somewhere to eat in Hampstead where you can take your dog too? Around Hampstead Heath, there's plenty of pubs you can drop in to after a long dog walk! We've compiled a list of the best dog friendly pubs in the Hampstead area below - you and your dog can thank us later!

Spaniards Inn

Lord Palmerston

Built in 1985, The Spaniards Inn is one of the most welcoming dog-friendly pubs in the Hampstead/Highgate area. A couple of years ago, they actually hosted a charity raffle for pooches - to raise for a dog friendly charity! As always, it’s important to treat the pub with respect after walking your dog, as it may be muddy from the walk across Hampstead Heath (and wet if they dipped in one of the ponds!).

Wells Tavern

A beautiful Georgian house, converted in to dog-friendly pub, The Wells Tavern is known for its dog friendly features and staff. It’s fair to say that even around Hampstead Heath, there aren’t many pubs that have a doggy menu! Plus, if you want to hire out a room for a special occasion in Hampstead, you can do exactly that with one of the Tavern's upstairs dining rooms.

A beautiful gastropub with an indoor and outdoor area, The Lord Palmerston is located near Hampstead in Tufnell Park. The stunning decor of the recently refurbished pub is a sight to behold, as are the many dogs often wondering around it come lunchtime at weekends!

Bull and Last

Recently refurbished, the Bull and Last, in Highgate, near Waterlow Park, allows dogs in the bar area - so they can enjoy a drink too (of water)! In fact, there’s also food for dogs on offer, with bones and pig ears for a lucky few who are tired after their walk, and need to refuel. It’s a beautiful pub, which we definitely recommend.

Freemasons Arms

Located in the central heart of Hampstead, the Freemasons Arms is a high-end pub, bar and restaurant that you won’t want to miss out on. There’s a lovely courtyard and garden area, perfect for summer afternoons spent in the company of your dog. There’s often plenty to be found there, and you might also meet other like-minded dog walkers who you can befriend (or get to look after your dog whilst you get a drink!). However, you are not able to make a booking with your dog, as they try to cater for all guests. There’s a wide ranging drinks list - from wine to soft drinks, and depending how exhausting your walk from Hampstead Heath to get here was, you’ll be wanting at least one!


Situated in Hampstead Village, the renowned menus of Gaucho allure humans and dogs alike. Similarly to The Wells Tavern, they truly go the extra mile to accommodate dogs. There’s a dog specific event once a month, whereby you can book in a Sunday lunch for your dog under his/her name - and they’ll enjoy a delicious doggy menu. Meanwhile, you can be tucking in to your own lunch, and you won’t need to share it this time! If the pooches ever want a run around instead of tucking in to their food, there’s also an agility course outside that’s sure to leave them even more tired than they were before their dog walk in Hampstead to get to Gaucho.


Menu prices are taken from dinner menus where possible on April 5, 2020. Menus will be updated again following COVID-19.

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