Hampstead Dog Boarding

Dog boarding in London

Unfortunately, there are times when you have to leave your dog behind at home. These are the worst times! However, Hampstead Dog Walking’s comparison of dog boarding service in London can help find the perfect dog boarder for you - easing the stress of being away from your dog for an extended period of time. When dog walking in Hampstead needs to be an overnight stay, then dog boarding is the right option for you.


We know that leaving your dog behind whilst you go on holiday, or have to go away for another reason is difficult. We understand that kennels, or having the neighbour come round a couple of times each day probably isn’t enough to set your mind at ease. That’s why we’ve compared dog boarding services, allowing you to be away from your dog without worrying.


Some Hampstead dog boarding services allow you to give them all your dog’s favourite toys, as well as their bed, should you choose, so it really is a home away from home for your dog. Your dog will be cared for, loved and probably spoiled in the same way they are at your own home! It’s perfect: you can go away for business, visiting family, or simply relaxing on holiday abroad, and your dog will also get a holiday. They might even make some more doggy friends, if there’s any other dogs enjoying this vacation.

It's never ideal when you have to leave your dog overnight elsewhere, but dog boarding or kneel stays are sometimes what's need when you take a break from your dog. Our job is to ensure that your dog stays at a place that's best for it, and that the dog boarding experience is no worse than if your pooch was staying at home another night with you! Your dog will understand that sometimes there are occasions where you won't be with them, but it'll be much easier for them if they're with other dogs at a specialist dog boarding location!

Lots of dog owners think that old fashioned dog kennels is the only London dog boarding option available. Well, that's completely wrong! The dog boarding industry has really progressed over the past couple of decades, with cosier, closer to home environments becoming ever more commonplace. Dogs will socialise with other dogs throughout the day, and likely have an exciting day out with their furry friends as a result! Many companies will now send you updates via WhatsApp or email throughout the day too, so you know exactly what they've been up to: and who doesn't want to see their dog getting muddy and having fun. 

If you live in the area surrounding Hampstead Heath, including Hampstead, Highgate, Belsize Park, Tufnell Park and Archway, take a look at our North London dog boarding service today.

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